rehabilitation center

restaurant & special events

corporate packs

lot of love for people

splendid view to lake

beautiful garden

covered parking

big spaces in rooms

always in good hands

We set all this no further than 5 km away  from the center of Tirana, away from the noise of the busy city, near the breathtaking Farke Lake and the fresh climate of Dajti Mountain. In a  quiet and relaxing atmosphere, together with our dedicated staff we always provide our clients professional and complete services in the hospitality industry, medical rehabilitation and special events, both private and corporate.

We assume the love for people and for everything we do.

We assume that what we do, we do with enthusiasm and a smile on.

When we say that we love people,
we assume taking care of their health in our rehabilitation centre.

All we do, we do with optimism and with the desire to become better for the wellbeing of our clients.

every day better

We want to stimulate all the five senses of our clients, we want to grow beautifully and in communion with nature and our body. Hospitality and privacy is our way, and for us you are not just a client, but a beloved friend.